I encourage you to poke around, read from stories and reflections about how I came to be here and what I’m doing, and to add your own thoughts, experiences, and questions.

In a time when global climate change is such an extraordinary threat to the flourishing of people and other forms of life, I dream this will be a place where people can explore and express their deepest yearning – to live in harmony with each other and with all of Earth – and to find help in transforming themselves and the world.

This site is starting as a way for me to give to the world what I have to give. In my wildest dreams, though, it is becoming a place for everyone who believes that conserving Earth and helping her people is much too important to leave only to “the environmentalists.”

The environmental movement has forgotten that it grows, at its roots, from a religious impulse. We must recover that religious impulse to be able to live in harmony with Earth and each other.  Kairos Earth will explore how this recovery might happen. Of course we need better science, technology, economics, and so on, to respond to climate change and other human-fueled harms. But alone, these technocratic tools are insufficient. We need also to transform our fundamental way of being – to be rooted in awestruck wonder and reverence, in gratitude for all we are given, in comprehension of our own puniness and failings, and in recognition of our ultimate dependence on the one Source from which all flows.

I write as a Christian exploring what my own new-found faith has to give to this work. I welcome people of all faiths, and of no faith or tradition, who are drawn by the idea that God – by whatever name, faith, and form – is essential to transforming us and the world.


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