Sacred Ground Exchange

Reconnecting to Earth & Community through Sacred Storytelling.

Sacred Ground Exchange is an exploration into the ways we are deeply shaped by the land. 


Where have you felt awe, joy, wonder, or a sense of wordless intimacy in nature? Who are the trees, waters, creatures, & landscapes that have invited you into relationship? How do you speak of the Earth as meaningful, important, and sacred?

Our stories are powerful. They carry wisdom and hope deep in their DNA. Many of us have lost a shared language to speak about the sacredness of the natural world. By coming together to share our stories of connection, we enter into a conversation that can change the ways we relate to each other and to the world in a time of darkness and uncertainty. 

Through a series of virtual gatherings and online storytelling, all are invited to connect and share how the natural world has shaped us, and to come together in exploration of why it matters to cultivate these languages of the sacred today.

Offer your story of deep connection.

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