As a Pilgrim in Prayer

If you aren’t able to find your way to a local body of water or the Connecticut River to paddle, don’t worry…you can still participate in the 40-day Pilgrimage as a “Pilgrim in Prayer” and be with us in spirit from your home, your place of worship, or a chosen spot outside in nature.

From May 31 to July 9, pilgrims on the Connecticut River will share in a rhythm of morning, midday, and evening prayer using the daily readings and reflections outlined in the River of Life Prayer Book. With your own River of Life Prayer Book, you can join us in this 40 days of prayer and reflect on the same Scripture readings, songs, prayers, and lessons that will be read and sung on the river. The River of life Prayer book also contains several articles, creation-centered practices, and other resources to accompany you on your pilgrimage at home.

River of Life Prayer Book ~ click on the image to link to the PDF file

Why register as a Pilgrim in Prayer?

When you register as a Pilgrim in Prayer you will be part of a community of intentional prayer for forty days. Some people in this community are paddling a section of the river, some are hosting pilgrims on-shore in their churches and homes, and others are praying from their homes or other outside locations. All of us are taking these forty days to seek our Creator and a greater intimacy with our fellow creatures. As a Pilgrim in Prayer, you will receive the River of Life Prayer Book (either by download or by mail), will receive regular updates from the river, and will have the opportunity to share your experience and engage with other pilgrims. Please join us!

~ River of Life Prayer Book available now ~
(Click this link for the PDF version)

(Might we suggest a donation of $20 for the time and efforts of those who wrote and compiled the Prayer Book?
If you’d like to donate, please follow this link)
If you’d like a printed copy of the 250-page Prayer Book, we suggest a donation of $25 to cover the cost of postage,
in addition to the efforts to create the book.
River of Life Prayer Books will be mailed no later than Monday, May 22nd — in time to start as a Pilgrim in Prayer on May 31st!

Register as a Pilgrim in Prayer and request a copy of the River of Life Prayer Book here – or make a donation if you’re downloading the PDF version of the Prayer Book.


A brief overview of the spiritual themes, by week, for the Pilgrimage:

WEEK #1a: Fourth Connecticut Lake to Canaan, VT
Spiritual Theme: The Call to the Wilderness
Key Scripture Passages: Call of Abraham (Genesis 12), Jesus in the Wilderness (Matthew 4 and parallels)

WEEK #1b: Canaan, VT to Littleton, NH
Spiritual Theme: Water, Grace, and the River of God
Key Scripture Passage: The Wonderful Stream (Ezekiel 47)

WEEK #2: Littleton, NH to Hanover, NH
Spiritual Theme: Baptism and Immersion in God
Key Scripture Passages: The Baptism of Jesus (Matthew 3 and parallels), Passage Through the Sea (Exodus 14)

WEEK #3: Hanover, NH to Brattleboro, VT
Spiritual Theme: A New Relationship with Creation
Key Scripture Passages: Jesus Calms the Storm (Mark 4 and parallels), Jesus Walks on Water (Mark 6 and parallels)

Week #4: Brattleboro, VT to Springfield, MA
Spiritual Theme: Drinking From Our Divine Source
Key Scripture Passage: Streams of Living Water (John 4)

Week #5: Springfield, MA to Long Island Sound
Spiritual Theme: Transformation and Resurrection
Key Scriptural Passages: The Wedding Feast of Cana (John 2), The New Heavens and New Earth (Revelation 21), The Resurrection (John 20 and parallels)


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