Week 4: Brattleboro, VT to Springfield, MA

Our journey downriver in this section begins as we paddle past the now deactivated Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, and shortly thereafter we say goodbye to Vermont and New Hampshire and enter Massachusetts. We pass through the dramatic French King Gorge at the heart of the 250-million year old geological fault that first created the Connecticut River. Although we’ll portage around 40-foot high Turners Falls, it’s an otherwise easily managed paddle through flat water and quick water for the first part of this week.

In the latter part of the week, we’ll paddle through the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, crossing between Mount Tom and Mount Holyoke, where the River has cut a channel through the ancient, volcanic Metacomet Range. The rich farmland of this region was home to a large Native American population, and was settled by the English in the mid-17th century. In addition to an abundance of local history, we will pass through a mix of forest, farmland, and the bustling towns of the region. Paddling is again straightforward, and we’ll likely see a significant number of other boaters in this stretch.

This week our spiritual emphasis will be the beginning of spiritual transformation, symbolized by the springs of living water, which break forth in the heart of those who trust in God. How can we listen to this new, divine life within us, and learn to find our nourishment from this limitless source? What does it mean to let go of older, finite sources of nourishment to be fed directly from the divine wellspring?


SEGMENT #6 (JUNE 26 – JUNE 28): Brattleboro, VT to Turners Falls, MA

  • Put-in location = Retreat Meadows
  • Pull-out location = Barton Cove Campground
  • Mileage = 32 miles in 3 days
  • Longest day = 14.5 miles with 1 portage
  • Portages = 1
  • Difficulty = flat to quick water
  • Camping = 2 nights (river-access only)
  • Indoor accommodations = 1 night
  • Participation limit = 10 adults ≥ age 18
  • Event(s) during this section = TBA

SEGMENT #7 (JUNE 29 – JULY 1): Turners Falls, MA to Springfield, MA

  • Put-in location = Poplar Street access
  • Pull-out location = North Riverfront Park
  • Mileage = 44.5 miles in 3 days
  • Longest day = 23 miles with 0 portages
  • Portages = 0
  • Difficulty = flat water
  • Camping = 1 night (river-access only)
  • Indoor accommodations = 1 night
  • Participation limit = 10 adults ≥ age 18
  • Event(s) during this section = TBA

JULY 1 & 2: Land-based event(s) near Springfield, MA – visit our Events page for more details