Week 2: Littleton, NH to Hanover, NH

Our journey continues from the southern side of Moore Reservoir, across Comerford Reservoir and down river through a mix of quick water and meandering oxbow lakes in the small agricultural towns of the Upper Connecticut River Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. We will again be camping along the banks of the river throughout the week, and will settle into the quiet rhythm of pilgrimage as we pass river islands and prime habitat for ducks, blue herons, and bald eagles. Pilgrims on this section should be comfortable paddling and camping for a week, but do not need extensive whitewater experience.

This week’s spiritual focus is Baptism and being immersed in the life of God. ‘To baptize’ literally means ‘to immerse’ – what does it take to fully immerse ourselves in God, in every moment? We’ll work with the river itself to practice body prayers related to immersion, and also meditate on the image of baptism as ritual death of the old self and rebirth into new life.


SEGMENT #3 (JUNE 12 – JUNE 17): Littleton, NH to Hanover, NH

  • Put-in location = Waterford Bridge Boat Launch
  • Pull-out location = Ledyard Canoe Club
  • Mileage = 69 miles in 6 days
  • Longest days = 13.5 miles with 0 portages; 15 miles with 2 portages
  • Portages = 3
  • Difficulty = Class I rapids with a few short tricky sections
  • Camping = 5 nights (river-access only)
  • Indoor accommodations = 0 nights
  • Participation limit = 10 adults ≥ age 18
  • Event(s) during this section = TBA

JUNE 17 & 18: Land-based event(s) near Hanover, NH/White River Juction, VT – visit our Events page for more details