July 1, 2017: 10-mile paddle from Holyoke, MA to Springfield, MA

Below are general details for our 10-mile paddle from Holyoke to Springfield – feel free to join us for the day!

We ask that you come with your own canoe/kayak and paddle(s), PFD, lunch/snacks & water, plus any other items you feel necessary for a day on the water.

** Note: there are 2 additional access points between Stanly Berchulski Fisherman Access and Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club if you don’t want to paddle the full 10 miles with the pilgrims.  Join us for what works for your ability and schedule!

If you are interested in joining us, we’d like you to register so that we have an idea of how many paddlers will be with us – and so that we can send you updated information if necessary.  Please click here to register.