River of Life: Connecticut River Pilgrimage, 2017


40-days of Pilgrimage from May 31 to July 9, 2017…



…join us for a day, several days, a week, or the entire journey!

Rejoice in and give thanks for the miracle of all life that is made possible by the grace of God through water.

Come on a spiritual journey of renewal, restoration, and reconciliation, shaped by the Christian tradition around a series of activities along the Connecticut River, from the Source to the Sea.

Water is central to life, and living, flowing rivers have played an integral role in ecological, social, economic and spiritual practice worldwide since time immemorial. The Connecticut River is a prime example of a river carrying the lifeblood of a region.

A core group of “river pilgrims” will journey the full length of the river, being joined by “daily pilgrims” as they traverse individual stretches/communities, and by “pilgrims in prayer” for those who aren’t able to paddle along or join in events but want to participate in the 40-day spiritual practices that correspond with the Pilgrimage dates.

Locally organized, shore-based, events will draw attention to the beauty and challenges — ecological, social, economic, and spiritual — along the waterway.  People of all faiths, beliefs, and paths are welcome for any/all of the Pilgrimage.

The River of Life pilgrimage is sponsored by the Episcopal Dioceses of New Hampshire, Vermont, Western Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maine, in partnership with Province I of the Episcopal Church, the New England Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and Kairos Earth.

For a one-page bulletin with Pilgrimage information, please click here.

Weekly schedule

May 31 – June 10:
4th Connecticut Lake (northern NH) to Littleton, NH
Spiritual theme: The Call to the Wilderness / Water, Grace & The River of God

June 10 – June 17:
Littleton, NH to Hanover, NH
Spiritual theme: Baptism and Immersion in God

June 17 – June 24:
Hanover, NH to Brattleboro, VT
Spiritual theme: A New Relationship with Creation

June 24 – July 1:
Brattleboro, VT to Springfield, MA
Spiritual theme: Drinking from our Divine Source

July 1 – July 9:
Springfield, MA to Long Island Sound
Spiritual theme: Transformation and Resurrection

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