We’re excited to continue sharing posts from the blog A View from the Covered Bridge. Below, Norman thinks about Watersheds – physical, psychological, and spiritual. 


Another morning with the temperature in the teens or lower brings a blue light to the river landscape.

I have been pondering the relationship of river to watershed, as the water still continues to flow beneath the ice, which opens up here and there.  The far bend here makes the stream visible with its swifter, shallow current.

Watershed and river meld from one to another.  The riverine landscape gives us its moisture at first in drops and spurts, carried downhill, then merging with other little flows until a rill, then a brook, then a wider deeper stream emerge, and somewhere along the way, someone gives it a name: Barnard Brook, Gulf Stream, Kedron Brook.  The point being that one emerges from the other seamlessly.   Dripping rocks begin the Ottauquechee and Connecticut Rivers.

Our human being, the physical, psychological and spiritual selves that define who we are have their own “watersheds,” that is, the sources which create and feed each part of us, and from which we can never fully separate, because at our essence, we are one with them.