Our Partners

Learn more about Kairos Earth’s partnering organizations!

These organizations share our belief that Nature is an expression of the sacred and that living accordingly is essential to the well-being of individuals, society, and the world.


Episcopal Church of New Hampshire
The Right Reverend A. Robert Hirschfeld, the 10th Bishop of the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire, has been an ardent supporter of Kairos Earth/Church of the Woods since it’s inception, due to his love of the outdoors, particularly as a rower/sculler.  Bishop Hirschfeld’s personal and professional support has allowed Kairos Earth the opportunity to grow and thrive as a non-traditional “church,” while maintaining Church of the Woods’s connection with the Episcopal faith.  Many thanks to Bishop Hirschfeld and his staff for their continued assistance.

Wild Church Network
A growing network of spiritual leaders launching new expressions of church, outside of buildings, to expand the boundaries of beloved community and service, and to re-connect with Christian traditions of spiritual transformation rooted in nature and the land. The Wild Church Network site lists communities of worship throughout North America. We seek to connect with others who are feeling the call to re-wild Christian spirituality for the sake of restoring wholeness in a time of fractured ecological, social and spiritual crises.

Metanoia of Vermont
Mark & Lisa Kutolowski’s mission is to support all people to know and enter into divine life bringing body, mind, and soul into union with God and into a life of harmony with the natural world. As outdoor educators and guides, Mark & Lisa provide opportunities for youth and adults to enter into deeper relationships with themselves, with God, and with nature. Visit their website for upcoming programs and to sign up for their newsletter.

All Creation
All Creation is a living archive of faith and spiritual practice views on biodiversity and today’s environmental challenges.  Consisting of written articles, blogs, videos, and even poems, All Creation’s website seeks to address some of the pressing issues humanity now faces on Earth (i.e., loss of biodiversity, climate change, sustainability, etc.) from the perspective of Earth’s human wisdom traditions, both ancient and contemporary.

The main focus of Rev. Nurya Love Parish’s blog is the renewal of the Episcopal Church and all Creation.  She mostly writes about church data and strategy, Christian formation, and creation care with an emphasis on faith and food.  Her page The Christian Food Movement has one of the most comprehensive guides available to faith-based food ministry in the Christian tradition — and check out some of her creation care blog posts here.

Incarnating Wisdom
Incarnating Wisdom is the partnering work of Laura Ruth and Kerstin Lipke, in collaboration with Northeast Wisdom, Hallelujah Farm, Kairos Earth, plus other Wisdom teachers, and generously supported by the Narthex Foundation. Born out of the Wisdom tradition as imagined by Cynthia Bourgeault, we offer experiential retreats throughout the year at Hallelujah Farm, in Chesterfield, NH.  With a particular focus on embodying the practices of the tradition in daily life and in community, each event is centered around a theme arising out of the Christian Wisdom tradition with generous contributions from Sufism, Taoism and the work of Gurdjieff.  Gatherings include a rhythm of Centering Prayer, Sacred Chant, Lectio Divina, conscious practical work, and contemplative movement.  To contact us, please email Kerstin at kerstinlipke@gmail.com or Laura at laurampruth@gmail.com.

Radical Joy for Hard Times
Radical Joy for Hard Times educates, supports, and connects communities around the world who are dedicated to bringing meaning, beauty, and value to places that have been damaged by human or natural acts.  Experiential gatherings, known as Earth Exchanges, are formed to visit wounded places, to get to know those locations, to share stories of what they mean, and to make a simple, spontaneous work of art there in order to create beauty out of waste and empower ourselves to take action on behalf of the place(s) we love.  Visit RadJoy’s website for information on how to establish your own Earth Exchange.


For events sponsored by partnering organizations and other friends, click here.