Letters from Church of theWoods

Reverend Stephen Blackmer’s writings from the poustinia

We’re living in in a threshold time, in exile from our “normal” lives.

One reality is falling away, and we don’t know what will take its place. Whatever happens, the world will be changed, and we will be changed.

During this time when the pandemic is expected to crest, Rev. Stephen Blackmer, priest at Church of the Woods in Canterbury, NH, is stepping away literally, into a life of greater solitude and prayer. Follow him here, as he reports from his “poustinia” in the woods. 

Renewing the Face of the Earth

Renewing the Face of the Earth

When this land came into our hands, in 2012, it was a holy mess. My friends, Mark and Jenny, had brought me here seven years earlier in hopes of recruiting a neighbor of like heart and mind. We walked across the meandering stream and up a rocky knoll, entering what...

Without a Path

Without a Path

I walked in a part of the woods, this morning, that does not yet have a path. It will one day, I know,  possibly quite soon. But today, there is no path and I have only hints as to which way to go.  The journey into God is like this. Occasionally, the way is clear....

Prayer Requests

In a time of uncertainty and suffering, we are invited to offer our fear, grief, and hope to the Great Mystery.

As Steve prays in silence and solitude, he is holding the Earth & its people in prayer.

Send your prayers to sdblackmer@kairosearth.org

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