Connecticut River Pilgrimage 2020

CT20 Pilgrimage Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for the 2020 Connecticut River Pilgrimage -- a River of Life Pilgrimage hosted by the Washington (DC) National Cathedral, in cooperation with Kairos Earth.

All questions with a red asterisk at the end are required.  The application will not process without the required questions being answered -- N/A is acceptable in certain cases.

If you have any questions or concerns about completing the application, or run into problems, please reach out to Jo at

For the 2020 Connecticut River Pilgrimage, we are offering two separate paddling segments -- you are welcome to apply for one or the other...or both! Segment #1 ~ May 31 - June 3: White River Junction (VT) to Springfield (VT) -- paddling a total of 32 miles. Segment #2 ~ June 3 - June 6: Springfield (VT) to Brattleboro (VT) -- paddling a total of 33 miles.
A River of Life Pilgrimage is different from an ordinary recreational paddle. The following questions are intended to help you think about your time as a pilgrim on the Connecticut River. Please answer with 1 to 5 sentences, as you think appropriate for the question.
Your answers to the following health-related questions will be kept in the strictest confidence. Thank you for answering honestly so that the river guides can keep you, and the other pilgrims, healthy and safe during this pilgrimage.
All pilgrims are asked to arrange their own transportation to/from the designated gathering location; however, transportation will be provided from that gathering location to the starting point of the river segment you'll be paddling. At the conclusion of your paddling segment, return transportation will be provided to the main gathering location.
All pilgrims are required to provide their own equipment as follows: Personal clothing & toiletries -- Camping equipment or necessary overnight sleeping gear for staying in a host church. ** Note: A more detailed equipment list will be given to those selected as pilgrims.
There is often limited space at river-access camp sites, plus some river segments require portaging, so please be sure you can carry/portage all of your own equipment (generally in 2 trips ~ gear in 1 trip, canoe in the other). Not every river segment has a requirement to portage or carry gear; however, we want everyone to pack only what they need and can carry.
As part of your overall registration fee, the following is provided: Canoe + paddle -- Personal Flotation Device (PFD / life-jacket) -- Professional outdoor & spiritual guides, 24-hours per day -- Off-river support staff -- Food & potable water -- Group cooking gear -- River of Life Prayer Book -- River of Life wicking hat -- Basic medical kit (not including anti-anaphylaxsis injectors) -- Means of communication in case of emergencies (i.e., cell phone, email, occasional land-line) -- Transportation to/from the river at the beginning and end of my paddling segment(s).
We are requesting that pilgrims limit their technology use for the duration of their time with the Pilgrimage. The intention is to facilitate deeper connections with God, with oneself, with other pilgrims, and with the natural world. In the case of an emergency, you will be able to be contacted via our support crew & guides.
Please let us know how you found out about the River of Life Pilgrimage!