Common Ground Network

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At Kairos Earth, we’re devoted to renewing a widespread understanding of the natural world as a bearer of the sacred and restoring this awareness as a foundation of both religious practice and practical action to conserve the Earth.

We are pioneering a new approach to conservation by connecting and organizing people at the intersection of faith and conservation in a belief that the sacred Earth we hold in common needs a voice in common. Rooted in a shared love for the land, we embrace voices from many faiths.

To develop and liberate a common voice for the Earth as a place of sacred beauty, joy, and reverence, we are launching the Common Ground Network to bring together people who experience the Earth as sacred, even as we may express it differently. We seek to restore a religious sensibility to the conservation movement, awaken the slumbering potential of faith communities as voices for the Earth, take a long view even as our fears and anxieties urge us toward short-term crisis thinking, and speak from our hearts about the land, our home, our love.

We believe that existing environmental efforts, strategies and campaigns are not enough to stem the losses of climate change, extinctions, deforestation, and loss of the places we love. We believe that the constituencies and voices for saving the Earth must be expanded and enhanced — that conservation-as-usual is nowhere near enough. Too much is at stake, too much is being lost.

There is a natural alliance waiting to be revealed among voices of faith and voices of conservation. By opening the eyes of people of faith to the need to conserve the Earth and opening the eyes of conservationists to the need to speak from a place of love and a sense of the sacred, we seek to open hearts and bring together people who share a love for the land.

Many people are doing this heart-work, but they are often isolated from one another and lack a common identity, common language, and common voice. As the Land Trust Alliance has brought together many local voices to form an increasingly strong, nation-wide movement for conservation, so we seek to mobilize a broad-based voice for the Earth in which action moves out of love rather than fear, that re-roots religious communities in our shared love of the Earth, and that reclaims the language of sacred Earth.

A new way is opening…We hope you will be a part of it!

For more information, contact Reverend Victoria Loorz here.