Weekly Schedule & Upcoming Events

Please join us in celebration for the Feast of St. Francis and the 5th birthday of Church of the Woods!

 You are invited to a campfire communion the evening of October 5th, morning services the morning of the 6th, and a potluck lunch that afternoon. There will also be time to tour our new meeting house and walk the trails in their New England autumn glory.

 For Sunday’s potluck lunch, you’re welcome to bring a pie or food that goes along with pie! We will be providing pies and hot beverages (tea, coffee, & cider). We’re asking that attendees please bring their own non-disposable plates, mugs, and utensils


You can rsvp here


Schedule of Services

Service is typically held on Sundays at 9 am and 3 pm

There will be no 3 pm service on September 15 while Rev. Steve is away. 
Please accept our apologies for this last-minute notice —
we hope you can come to Church of the Woods and enjoy the trails all the same!

If you are planning to join us, please check our schedule for updates as occasionally there is a change. 

If you have questions about the service or visiting, please contact Rev. Stephen Blackmer at sdblackmer@kairosearth.org

Self Guided Contemplation

Church of the Woods is always open for self-guided contemplation. Come renew your body, mind, and soul.

Weekly Updates / Inclement Weather Notices
Church of the Woods is in full summer mode.
Penetrating sun and depths of shadow, deep greens of countless leaves, and an abundance of life are all around. We’ll be meeting in the woods all summer, except when there’s a storm in the neighborhood.
Dress to be comfortable in summer weather, including shielding yourself from bugs and sun.
Come visit Church of the Woods when the fullness of life is most in evidence!

In celebration of the launch of our trail network, please read our Blessing of the Trails
and check out our trail map.
Come for a walk in the woods — maps are available outside the barn!