Church of the Woods

This is a place where the earth itself, rather than a building, is the bearer of sacredness,

a place where people gather for contemplative practice in communion with each other and nature,

a place where people come together to learn, explore, and take action to transform themselves and renew the Earth.

Church of the Woods is a new kind of church on 106 acres of wild woods and wetlands in Canterbury, NH. In calling our woods a church, we are deliberately trying to crack open what it means to be “church.”

Rooted in the Episcopal tradition, we welcome people of all faiths and in all stages of the spiritual path. We actively seek to provide a place of spiritual practice for those who have not found home in walled churches, who may be seeking alternatives, or who long for a place and community for communing with God and nature.




Liturgy & Services



Walking the Trails

We’re working to make Church of the Woods fully accessible along ADA guidelines and we are happy to adapt services to meet accessibility needs. If you would like to attend an event or service and have specific needs, please email us at, and we will gladly make any needed adjustments.