About Kairos Earth

The biblical affirmation, “it was good…” is surely the most widely known, enduring and influential statement in western culture of the inherent goodness of the world. In this simple statement, repeated over and over at the beginning of the book of Genesis, the Judaeo-Christian tradition affirms the goodness of the Earth and of all life.

The text proclaims the entire cosmos – Earth, heavens, and the diversity of life – as filled with the divine breath: bearer of sacred reality, inherently worthy of reverence and awe, and a well-spring of joy, delight, and wonder.

Kairos Earth seeks to renew a widespread understanding of the natural world as a bearer of the sacred and to restore this awareness as a foundation of both religious practice and practical action to conserve the Earth.

Starting from a small core, we are nurturing an emerging movement of people who believe that Nature is an expression of the sacred and that living and acting accordingly is essential to the well-being of individuals, society, and the future of our world. 

Deepen conservation with the understanding of the Earth as holy ground.

We strive to deepen environmental and ecological perspectives with the understanding that the Earth is replete with sacred identity, inherently worthy of love and care, and not merely raw material for human use. 

Renew Christian practice of connecting with the Earth.

We look to reawaken, reclaim, and adapt the roots of the Christ tradition – prayer, church, community, education, and service – to a spiritual connection with Nature that is central to the flourishing of both human and more-than-human life.

Create opportunities for transformation.

Believing that a spiritual shift is fundamental to the protection and restoration of our sacred natural places, we work to create space and foster practices for inward transformation. We affirm that without deep personal change, no amount of change in politics, technology, science, economics and conservation, however necessary, could fully heal our relationships with Nature and each other.