We Are On Sabbatical 

August 1–October 31, 2020


Kairos Earth is now in a time of rest and listening. The EarthTime newsletter will take a break in August, returning in September. Steve will be on vacation throughout August, but services will continue at Church of the Woods. The trails will remain open for visitors. 

We are pausing for intentional reflection on how we — the Community of Kairos Earth — can best help heal and serve the Earth, ourselves, and each other, in this time. 

Meanwhile, we invite you to join us in this period of rest and reflection. In times of hardship and uncertainty, practices of restoration are profoundly important. Where do you find peace? 

Come walk the trails at Church of the Woods, or go outside and bring your loving attention to whatever place is holding you. And wherever you are, may you be met by the abiding love of the Spirit of Life, alive in the living Earth. 

With love, 

The KE Team

It is Time to be in Sacred Relationship with the Natural World.


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Our Mission

We seek to renew a widespread understanding of the natural world as sacred, and to restore this awareness as a foundation of both religious practice and practical action to conserve the Earth.

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Many are hearing the call to reconnect Earth & Spirit in spiritual practice, conservation, and in our communities. 

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Church of the Woods

Church of the Woods is a new kind of church on 106 acres of wild woods and wetlands in Canterbury, NH. Rooted in the Episcopal tradition, our congregation includes all life of the forest.

River Pilgrimage

The Spirit moves over the waters, and all are called into a contemplative journey on the river of Life.

Our river pilgrimages support opening and deepening awareness to the present moment, to our bodily senses, and to expanding conscious relationships with wild Creation.

Sacred Ground Exchange

Sacred Ground Exchange is a group meditation, mutual exchange, and storytelling project dedicated to unearthing the diverse ways that people of all faiths, disciplines, and geographies experience deep connection to the land.

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