Wood River Pilgrimage September 2018

Wood River Pilgrimage Application

Thank you for your interest in the Wood River Pilgrimage! 

If you have any questions or problems with completing the application, please contact Jo at Kairos Earth (river@kairosearth.org).

The River of Life: Wood River Pilgrimage is different from an ordinary recreational paddle. The following questions are intended to help you think about your time as a pilgrim on the Wood & Pawcatuck Rivers. Please answer with 1 to 5 sentences, as you think appropriate for the question.
The majority of the pilgrimage vessels will be canoes due to space for participants and gear; however, we might have a few kayaks available. Indicating your preference will help as we figure out exactly what make-up of canoes & kayaks will be best. Please understand that while we will do what we can to honor your preference, the needs of the group/pilgrimage as a whole take priority.
Please complete the below medical information portion of the application fully and with your most current mental and physical health in mind. Your personal information will be held in confidence.
Selected participants will be asked to join us the evening before their first paddling day so as to become a member of the Pilgrimage community. In order to ensure a safe and memorable experience for everyone involved, we will have an informational meeting with all new participants that evening.
All participants are required to line up their own transportation to/from the starting location and ending location.
All participants are required to provide their own equipment as follows: personal clothing & toiletry items + camping equipment and necessary overnight sleeping gear for staying at a host church and local campground (more detailed equipment list forthcoming for those selected as paddlers)
Due to portaging and limited space at some of the river-access campsites during the Pilgrimage, please be sure that you can carry/portage all of your own equipment. Pack light!
The Pilgrimage coordinators will provide the following as part of your pilgrimage fee: - Professional outdoor & spiritual guides, 24-hours per day - Off-river support crew - Food + potable water - Group cooking gear - River of Life mini-Prayer Book - Basic medical kit (not including anti-anaphylaxis injectors) - Means of communication in case of emergencies (cell phone, email, occasional land-line)
We are requesting that Pilgrims limit their technology use for the duration of their time with the Pilgrimage. The intention is to facilitate deeper connections with God, with oneself, with other Pilgrims, and with the natural world. In the case of an emergency, you will be able to be contacted via our support crew and guides.
Please let us know how you found out about this River of Life Pilgrimage!
Payment policy: The cost of the 3-day Wood River Pilgrimage is $300 per person. We request payment in full at the time of your acceptance as a paddling pilgrim and in order to secure your participation. However, if you will be unable to pay in full at that time, please reach out to Jo Brooks (jbrooks@kairosearth.org) to discuss alternative payment options.