School of Living Water: Participant Qualifications



Competency in outdoor living/back-country skills

Accepted participants must have enough outdoor experience to be competent in managing their own care in the back-country. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ability to outfit oneself appropriately for the region/trip (clothing & gear)
  • Competency with outdoor cooking skills (open fire or camp stove)
  • Comfort with wilderness sanitation and hygiene practices
  • Physical fitness sufficient for trail hiking and flat-water paddling
  • Experience in mode of travel of participant’s planned pilgrimage
  • Self-awareness of one’s own physical and emotional needs in an outdoor environment

Spiritual and emotional maturity

Accepted participants will have had formative experiences equipping them with basic skills in spiritual leadership, group dynamics, and emotional awareness. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Mature relationship with the Christian tradition, likely including an ongoing relationship with a particular church and/or denomination
  • Stable personal spiritual practice
  • Emotional self-awareness; an understanding of how to be present with one’s own inner life in relationship to others, groups, and the land
  • Basic ability to be present with others in their emotional needs
  • Basic awareness of group dynamics, and ability to think about the needs of a group as a whole

Note: This training will offer support in deepening all of these capacities, however it is important for participants to enter with a baseline level of inner maturity to run the training at a high level.

Vision for a pilgrimage in partnership with an organization/institution within two years

The School of Living Water will train guides-in-training (and their local team) in gathering a leadership team, partnering with institutions, fundraising, and networking. However, we will be looking for applicants to have initial thoughts about potential partners and networks. We are also looking to train guides specifically to lead pilgrimages in New England. In these cases, this prerequisite is fulfilled through this direct partnership.


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